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January 20, 2017

To quote the queen bee, “who run the world? GIRLS”

This brings me straight into my topic of #girlboss Kate. I first met Kate when she observed with me at Boston Children’s Hospital. She had just moved from Atlanta and was looking to make Sports Medicine connections in Boston.  Her, a physical therapist and myself, an athletic trainer, both share common goals when it comes to our orthopedic patient’s health.

I was instantly drawn to Kate’s drive, energy, and genuine kindness. She was so easy to talk to and share ideas with that we started to develop a cohesive communication regarding our mutual patients. At that time, she was working in a well known PT clinic in the area trying to pave the way in female and dance rehabilitation. She created a program called “Girl Fit” that was an injury prevention class for females that graduated from PT who might not be ready for sport. It was a wonderful resource for our female athletes!

As Kate’s “Girl Fit” program grew and her patient load increased she decided it was time to be on her own. Fast forward to today and i’m standing in Kate’s new Physical Therapy and injury prevention clinic: Girl Fit located in Newton, MA. It’s surreal. Her advocacy for women’s physical and mental health is something to be admired. She gives girls of all ages the confidence to not only participate in their sport, injury free, but the confidence to conduct themselves with purpose. I am so excited to watch her grow and to witness these young female athletes get strong and be role models for other female athletes.

Stay tuned for our photo session of her “Girl Fit” class coming in February! Below are photos of her beautiful clinic and if you ever need some inspiration check out her instagram @girlfitrocks


Entering through the glass doors and down the stairs, I was warmly welcomed into this well lit studio space.


She even had some inspirational reading in the waiting area!



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