Waco // Texas //

February 10, 2017

There are a few tv shows that I can consistently watch over and over again without boredom. One of those shows being ‘Law and Order: SVU’. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen the same crime, I still get hooked ! Once the show is on, I can say goodbye to my entire day. Second is ‘Friends’ I mean come on do I need an explanation? And over the last few years of adulthood I have been sucked into the home-improvement shows including ‘Fixer Upper’ . Naturally, when someone stated there was a Sports Medicine conference in Dallas, I quickly looked up how far away Waco was from our conference center. I recruited a group of mid-level providers and physicians to make the trek down to Waco. I packed up my camera and we piled ourselves into a minivan- and we were off!


Magnolia Farm at the Silos was an outdoor playground combined with an outdoor eatery and shopping center. They had a pile of soccer balls, frisbees, and footballs etc for kids and adults alike to play with. There were large swings surrounded by a line of food trucks and a home-made garden. This green area made the Silos not only a place to shop and eat but also a place to play and relax!

The store on site was amazing- envision Home Goods on crack. There were candles, signs with quirky and romantic quotes, T-shirts , and an array of home decor. This place made Waco come alive. And although sadly we didn’t meet Joana or Chip Gaines, we did have an awesome time and bonded as coworkers.

Oh and of course stuffed our faces silly with barbecue and cupcakes.









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