Fitness Photography // Mission Portsmouth NH

January 8, 2017


Not only is blogging one of my 2017 resolutions but also expanding my portfolio into fitness photography and since Penny is so cute- dog photography hehe! I want to challenge myself and start to expand to not just classic photography moments but rather moments that make my clients happy and portray them doing something they love. I’ve known Haley since we were kids living in the same small town on the north shore in MA. She now works for Mission Portsmouth teaching trx and barre classes (check her out here:

We met up at her new condo in Rye, NH which she moved into just 2 weeks ago! We set out down the road to the beach and trails. It was absolutely freezing. Post nor’easter storms makes for a beautiful snowy background but man it was cold! Couldn’t feel my fingers to press my shutter cold. But we sucked it up, broke out the hand warmers, and told ourselves it was a nice summer day on the beach. During each photo I would see Haley perform new and challenging poses, laughing after each one since it was so chilly to hold still. I love capturing my clients in their element between her athletic abilities and her puppy, penny, it made for an awesome Sunday afternoon catching up with an old friend. I mean come on can we look at this model pair?!


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