Welcome 2017

January 8, 2017

I’m not one to make resolutions (or rather “stick to them” I should say) but 2017 feels different. I finally put together my photography business in 2016 and learned a lot about myself and photography! In 2017 I told myself I want to expand my portfolio and blog. The thing I love about photography is the pictures speak for themselves. They tell a story about the subjects in a way words couldn’t. But it never tells the story of the photographer. Hence BLOG time 2017! I want a new way to connect with  my clients, both old and new. I want to tell your story not only through my photos but also through few words of how we got to know each other, what made that moment worth photographing, and how I felt during the process. So here is to 2017 and new years resolutions- bring it on!

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