Van Dusen Nutrition™ // Business Branding Session // Needham, MA

June 26, 2018

If you are a business owner you know how much your brand means to you! When your website does not reflect your business, the way you envision it, then it can be very frustrating. I remember when Leigh reached out to me about her Nutrition business I was so excited since it’s a field that I am so interested in and have worked with before. Leigh wanted to freshen up her website with new photos of their new space and staff and I was more than happy to help her accomplish that goal. See below for what Van Dusen Nutrition is all about! They are currently located out of Needham Mass and if you would like to know more please visit their website here!

Van Dusen Nutrition™ is a group private practice of Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionists specializing in eating disorders, sports nutrition, weight management, and childhood nutrition. They offer Individual Nutrition Counseling as well as adjunct services including Therapeutic Meal Support, Therapeutic Movement Support™, Group Counseling and Metabolic Testing. They are also available to consult in a variety of capacities, including speaking engagements at local and national conferences, and the practice owner offers individual and group supervision to nutritionists who are new to the field or looking to grow and expand in their work. The clinicians at Van Dusen Nutrition™ rely on nutrition science combined with an understanding of psychology and human behavior to educate and effectively guide clients toward change. Our counseling style is compassionate, direct, respectful and even humorous with the goal of supporting our clients on the path to a more complete self.

Thank you Leigh, Nicole, & Christine for allowing me into your space and letting me capture your brand!

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